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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How to report someone to the irs anonymously

Instructions and Help about How to report someone to the irs anonymously

Over the past six months I've had unprecedented access to a scam call center YouTube's policies have meant that I've had to blur certain sections of this video but I fear patron of mine you can access the full uncensored version through patreon this video gives a unique view of high these scams operate and who these scammers really are critical alert for a boycott you're looking at the webcam of a scammer named ever boo he is currently uploading phone numbers of people who will be as next potential victims all of the phone numbers are from people who have previously fallen victim to a pop-up scam as you can see here knowing that these people are already victims is particularly useful to this group of scammers because they operate a refund scam they'll pretend to be a real computer company and make calls like this while we are calling you from Microsoft refund Department if you remember you have a contract with us for computer support and services unfortunately we are closing the business so you can give us a call for the refund of the amount you paid to claim your refund please call us on 8 17 to 8 1 1 2 4 the way the Dever and the rest of the people in this call center get their leads is via whatsapp or direct be by email here you can see him using what's up to download a spreadsheet of the most recent victims when he has the list of numbers he will then look at it in a spreadsheet to make sure that it will go in to the IKE mind calling software he will remove any duplicates before starting a campion here they've been emailed a fresh list of numbers once they've done loaded this list they will start up their VoIP software here they're using Vox account.com and that's a legitimate piece of software which will allow them to make lots of I'd mine calls they will charge up their Vox account with about $100 every few days and the it ursery agents will sit and wait for inbound calls here you can see the rate of these calls the icons at the bottom present agents who are ready to receive calls and there in green and anyone actively engaged in the call is colored amber so let's go for a little office tear whenever one of these outlined campaigns are in action as you can see the offices are very small and cramped and each agent has only a very basic PC on this desk they don't use phones and instead use VoIP software they would use x-lite for their in bond coals and 3cx for the I'd find ones a lot of these scammers smoke so you can imagine the smell in this place but this particular PC is a laptop so it can be carried round the office so courtesy of this particular scammer we're going to.

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