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3949-a Form: What You Should Know

The IRS will extend the term of tax returns or extensions. The IRS also has an option to file by telephone. Simply choose one of the following: Form 4868-EZ. Form 4868 is an application that allows you to apply for extended time to file your federal income tax returns and related information returns. Filing the extension application for any federal income tax returns is easier using Form 4868-EZ and a U.S. address. The form can be used for any federal income tax return not specifically provided for in a form with an extension deadline. You can use Form 4868 and/or your federal tax payment to delay by two months the filing of your federal income tax return for any fiscal year (fiscal year 2016) that is due within 6 months of today. You must apply for a two (2)-months extension by February 15, 2017,  Who can file Form 4868? The form must be filed by a person who: is a U.S. citizen has been physically present (see below) is an individual who resides in the state of Texas at an address and has established a Texas mailing address is an individual who resided in the state of Texas at an address and has established a Texas mailing address and is a resident of Texas at present is a resident of either of the following: Alabama, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee or Virginia (with an extension of three (3) months from the due date of the return in order to qualify) is an individual who has been physically present (see above) Where are my copies of Form 4868? Form 4868 is signed and dated by you, and you have a U.S. mailing address. The Federal government maintains copies of Form 4868. You must e-file your form or mail it via mail  If you electronically file the extension application with the following payment of 2,500 (plus any filing fee) and a timely claim for refund; the date of Form 4868 will be extended until April 21, 2020, or three (3) months after today's date, whichever is later. Electronic filing is a much more efficient and convenient way to file, and the sooner you claim a refund, the quicker you will get any refund you are eligible for.

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Instructions and Help about Form 3949-a

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