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Okay it's May twenty-fifth 2021 it's Thursday earlier today at nine-fifteen William Brown Singh Lorraine British is dead and my husband I'm Roxanne greenwich high resort and we are the family of Ezekiel and Ariel Brown when we have shown today the third report to amory Ambrose Commissioner of DHS mayor nut it may another and the fourth report the proofs of Eric Browns fraud and scam at theft by deception bigamy or that is causing Ezekiel and Ariel Brown my grandchildren and the languages children to be literally kidnapped by Eric Brown and his big of his girlfriend wife Sondra Sullivan in total contempt complete contempt of any state custody order violation of Lorraine's legal custody rights in that custody water and the visitation rights and so much is happening to them there were housed out in bright side day care for sony's claiming at school without the rains or consent or knowledge or access to her children he's in violation of march since mark 28th when he showed up to the visitation high with his children being hungry and he has refused to allow Lorraine to speak to the children who stated to the rain on the phone to uh right before day before Mother's Day and she got need and called her anymore she's never going to be able to speak to us see your children again and Sondra Sullivan told her on Mother's Day fault sweetie they told me you wouldn't be calling anymore the home phone number has been changed with some kind of pinned on it and Eric promise William borrowing on april six we have done a time capsule statement myself in the ring have told Ezekiel and Ariel the truth although who has caused them harm and white eric l brown and Sandra O'Sullivan are committing acts of child abuse and child maltreatment we are resulting in prolonged injuries of post-traumatic stress disorder child maltreatment injuries apparent alienation disorder being made to go for 10 hours a day in a warehouse situation of a facility which is a DHS contractor bright side Learning Academy and it gets extremely bad reviews from parents where children have been injured neglected and hurt both in the community word of mouth written and posted online for surveys so now William Bronson try to call a six o'clock Eric you murdered voice he picked up Eric swore up and down that he would be able to talk to the kids today at six o'clock after they got home from quotes cool but it's not school he was talking to Matt 915 and really dropped him off at his daycare facility and so it's full ten hours that they've been out today and what was told to hold on and in Eric hung up on lip callback and Eric hung up on so oh and on april six let me just finish this eric was heard on the phone telling Ezekiel you better tell your mom and.